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About Us

The Yancy Group, Incorporated (or "YGI") was formed as a sole proprietor company in 1998 by current President & Chief Executive Officer Carol Gomez-Yancy.  The company was incorporated as a C corporation under the laws of Texas in 2003. YGI is one of the charter companies of the Yancy Insurance & Consulting Group, LP also known as Yancy Companies.

YGI was originally formed as an independent insurance agency with a concentration on personal lines insurance. It worked in harmony with a separate captive insurance agency operated by Carol's husband Darren G Yancy, Sr. Over time, the agency expanded into commercial lines and began to specialize in specific market sectors of insurance. Those sectors include transportation, manufacturing, energy, workman compensation, garage, restaurants, social services, and manufacturing to name a few areas of concentration. As such, the agency evolved into a program agency in these areas over the years.

In 2010, Carol made changes to the corporate management structure and began a process to divest the operation away from insurance and into sectors the company had strong familiarity with from its insurance operations. There were several reasons for the decision. The economy had taken its toll on all of the operating companies involved in insurance. Years of work were wiped out in the recession and would take time to rebuild. While insurance had been a base foundation, a changing carrier market was less productive to work with than in years past. Additionally, opportunities were emerging that would take the company in a direction away from retail operations to that of wholesale and manufacturing opportunities. Carol brought her husband Darren on board with the company full time as General Manager and Chief Financial Officer. Part of his task was to expand the revenue sectors for YGI separate from insurance. YGI has always helped its policy holder base with additional services such as business brokerage and real estate services offered through its sister company Yancy & Associates, Inc. YGI had even helped its clients gain revenues through referral opportunities. However, YGI had not taken the steps to profit from such services. 

As such, YGI began to branch out its services from its sectors of strong insurance related experiences. Renewable energy systems was the first divisions added to the company. Yancy Energy Systems is the licensed distributor for Windstrument, Inc. (formerly Unified Energies International) for the deployment of its branded systems in the marketplace. These include the award winning Windstrument and Solabsorb Solar Panel Arrays. For more on these products, visit .

In 2014, confident with the direction the company was headed in non-insurance operations, management made the decision to sell the retail division of insurance operations.

In 2016, the company began government procurement in limited areas that it has expertise and supply chains to compete.

In 2019, the company has added freight brokerage to its list of services.

Government Certifications - YGI has always been a Hispanic, Women Owned Small Business. We are also HUB certified for State of Texas.

Diversification - YGI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we believe in providing opportunities for anyone with a burning desire to succeed.

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