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Renewable Energy Systems

Our Trade Name for this division is Yancy Energy Systems. We are the licensed distributor for Windstrument, Incorporated (WI) for the deployment of its technologies in systems in the commercial marketplace. We do not sell or install other manufacture brands.

These include such products as Windstrument, the award winning micro turbine that can produce over 3500 Watts of power at wind speeds of 50 mph, Solabsorb Solar Panel Array, and the Windstrument Data Renewable Energy Exo Frame.

Recently, our company has become an approved contractor for Guaranteed Clean Energy. GCE provides funding sources for the purpose of converting commercial buildings from traditional power sources to renewable energy powers sources. This is for commercial and industrial applications with more than 50,000 square feet of space or spend over $100,000 per year in utilities. All projects subject to review and approval. For more on this program, please visit their site at .

No residential requests at this time.

Please contact us a for more information on the systems we can install or see if your building qualifies for funding under the GCE Program.
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